Top 6 Medical Colleges in Philippines and Fees Structure 2020

Medical Colleges in Philippines

Study MBBS in the Philippines is the best choice for Indian students to study MBBS in abroad countries. Out of the top six medical colleges with MCI Approved, The top 6 colleges are as follow, along with fess structure for medical colleges in the Philippines: Name of College Total College Fees AMA School of Medicine, […]

7 Key benefits of studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students

7 Key benefits of studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students

It’s a lifetime dream of every medical student to become a certified doctor from abroad university, but most of the students not gathering proper guidance and knowledge is this the main reasons for students not have been able to find out their dream university and become a good medical professional. First, choose the best university […]

Why Indian Students to choose the Philippines rather than in other countries?

If Indian students decided to study MBBS in Abroad travel from their own country. Before to began, Students aware of knowing secured campus facilities and climate. In the Philippines, climate conditions are appropriate for Indians. It does look like as same as the Indian climate. According to statics, the Philippines is the 3rd Largest English speaking […]

What is NMAT? And Why is it more required? | Marianas Medical Education

Philippines is the better country to study medicine.  National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) is the national examination for the medical school in the Philippines. Students who aspire to pursue a medical degree in the Philippines (NMAT) Exam is essential to apply for any medical school in the Philippines. NMAT Exam intents to improve the quality […]