The best country to

Study MBBS in Philippines

Beautiful Infrastrucure

Well developed infrastructures with road transports, surplus electricity, the global standard educations. The Philippines Governement is progressing more developments.

Excellency in Tourism

The Philippines is a land rich in natural resources, scenic locales, study medical and friendly smiles. More like captivating coastlines, to the creative native crafts, to the unique gastronomic experience

Growing Economy

The Republic of the Philippines is emerging international best practices in the economy. The Cost of Living is very similar to India. The Philippines is a cheap travel destination.

3 Main Reasons to Choose Philippines

Why Philippines to Study Medical?

High quality education, safe and conducive environment and affordable fee structure and other associated expenses are one of the primary reasons for international students to opt for higher education in the country. Apart from these, with a degree of the educational institutes in this country, you can explore job opportunities in different countries in the world. Medium of instruction for these courses is only English. Academic calendar begins in June and extends till March. A year comprises of two semesters, one from June to October and the other from November to March.

Climatic Condition & Food

Philippines experiences a tropical climate (Summer & Monsoon) as in India. On an average the day temperature is around 26.6 degree Centigrade. The style of cooking and the taste of food is similar to the Indian Food.

Languages in Philippines

There are over 120 languages spoken in the Philippines. Filipino, the standardised form of Tagalog, is the national language and used in formal education throughout the country. Filipino and English are both official languages and English is commonly used by the government.

Tourist spots in Philippines

Chocolate Hills

Nestled in the Carmen region of the Bohol Island and known famously for its scenic characteristics, the Chocolate Hills is considered to be one of the most picturesque Philippines places to visit

Banaue Rice Terraces

The famous Banaue Rice Terraces once were just winding fields that laid embracing a mountain side. Although the locals had totally abandoned this place, young farmers at the present day are reviving these plantations.


Many tourists overlook this amazing city and just pass through it on their way to the islands. Don’t be one of those, and make sure you enjoy everything Manila has to offer.

Crystal Cove Island

Perched between Panay Island and Boracay Island, Crystal Cove Island is a breathtaking park dating back to the stone age. 

White Beach

Stretching up to a length of around 4 kilometers, the postcard-perfect White Beach is sprawled across half of the west coast of Boracay Island.

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