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Right Choice

Take the Hippocratic Oath through Overseas Medical Education Consultant in Chennai. Choosing a right university is always important. There are no second chances available to a student after joining universities that do not impart qualitative training and education.


Evaluating students profile and counselling them in the right way to enrol in suitable medical programmes

Application Processing

We process students applications to ensure their admission with visa processing & Invitation letter from the university

Visa Assistance

Assistance given to students in converting their visa from concern embassy

Post- Departure

We take care of students departure from here to university, ensure their enrollment and settling them in the hostel

Medical Education Consultant
Overseas Medical Education Consultant Chennai

Marianas Medical Education

Choose the right university – No second chances

Many students fall victims to educational scams where dubious universities offer medical courses overseas. It is vital to seek the services of an Overseas Medical Education Consultant in Chennai who is one of repute. It is equally important to also verify the university’s accreditation and its validity as per various indices which should include recognition by the World Health Organisation. The compatibility of the course with the Medical Council of India’s Screening Test and the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) needs to be checked.

Right medical education consultant in chennai

Role of a consultant - comprehensive

The role of the Overseas Medical Education Consultant in Chennai should not end with the collection of the consultancy fees or organizing admission. It should be comprehensive, beginning with the evaluation of a candidate vis-à-vis the suitability of select nations and universities. Medical Education Consultant then needs to assist the student in the processing of the application and obtaining the visa and the letter of invitation or provisional admission from the university. Assistance in securing a valid visa in the shortest possible time is part of the responsibilities of the Overseas Medical Education Consultant in Chennai. The Medical Education Consultant should ideally assist the student on his or her journey from the enquiry stage till the moment the student enters the university.

Marianas Medical Education

Your guide to academic glory

One of the more noble professions in the world, a doctor is revered for the service provided to humanity. Changing lifestyles, environmental changes, stress and frenetic pace of life have taken a toll on the health of the human race. There is an acute shortage of medical professionals across all specializations, especially in the developing world. The burgeoning population and increased life span has translated into a demand for more medical professionals to cater to increased needs.

Marianas Medical Education, a reputed Overseas Medical Education Consultant in Chennai, offers services that are unparalleled and unmatched in terms of parameters such as reliability, professional competence, liaison with concerned government departments and rapport with universities. All of the services are at an affordable cost. Facilitating access to education is not just any other business venture, it is a service that needs to be offered with integrity.

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