Because, Till last year, NEET Exam writing students was more than a lakh in the particularly Tamilnadu, but half of the medical seats exist in India. Then, What about the rest of the students? Because, since the small age everyone had a dream and ambition to study medicine, even parents and students too, but India has not enough number of seats to study medicine.

So, What is the next option if India hasn’t enough seat means? On a vast world, Many places are available to study medicine so that the student can pursue their medical studies to any other countries. While choosing medicine is essential for students and parents, So Keep in mind to choose, which Country is suitable to study medicine? Because Medical is most vital compared to other studies, that why many of the students have failed to get the seats quickly.

Marianas Medical Education is the best educational consultant offering services to help the students in achieving their goals by identifying the right educational institution. Last five years, Mariana’s medical education has provided low fees structure for the middle-class students to study medicine in the Philippines.

The University Of Northern Philippines is one of the top-rated MCI Approved Medical Colleges in the Philippines. Marianas Education is the authorised medical consultant helps students to join the University of Northern Philippines and make the student skilled and their success.

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